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We supply, install and recommend Hanwha CCTV Systems including the Wisenet X series and Wisenet Wave Video Management System .

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Wisenet Wave Video Management System

Introducing the Wisenet WAVE Video Management System – a solution that is Simple, Reliable, and Customisable. This advanced system incorporates a unique adaptive scaling technology, dynamically transitioning between high and low-resolution images based on the client PC's CPU usage. This innovative feature allows for a completely customisable IP video management platform, catering to users, platforms of all sizes, and various devices.

Wisenet WAVE VMS provides an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, allowing users to effortlessly design and create personalised live and recorded camera viewing workspaces.

Access on-demand zoom windows for a closer look at live and recorded activities. This feature ensures quick and detailed examination of specific areas of interest.

Generate alerts and notifications for motion detection or analytic-triggered incidents. Stay informed in real-time about critical events.

Locate important video footage effortlessly with an interactive flex timeline and a powerful range of analytic-based search tools for recorded video.

Benefit from a nested search-based navigation menu, making it easy to identify connected cameras and layouts.

Gain a comprehensive overview of all cameras using built-in background map imagery, providing a bird's eye view of your surveillance network.

Streamline alarm management with a consolidated notification panel dedicated to handling alerts. This ensures efficient response to security incidents.

Wisenet WAVE VMS stands out as an intelligent and user-friendly solution, offering simplicity, reliability, and extensive customisation options for seamless video management across devices and platforms of various sizes. Call Penrith's Security experts to discuss your Hanwha System requirements on 0420 352 384


Wisenet X Series

The Wisenet X series introduces a groundbreaking chipset, Wisenet 5, renowned for its unparalleled power across the entire camera range. Developed by Hanwha, this chipset boasts a new architecture, ensuring swift processing for top-notch video performance. The Wisenet X series is tailored for diverse video surveillance applications, offering essential features that set it apart.

Wisenet X's premium line of network cameras showcases Hanwha's proprietary Wisenet 5 chipset, making it the ideal choice for a broad spectrum of security and surveillance needs. The comprehensive line of network cameras and NVRs within the Wisenet X series delivers impressive specifications:

  • 5MP@30 fps, 2MP@60 fps
  • WDR - up to 150dB* @ 2MP / 120dB @ 5MP
  • Low light noise reduction technology
  • WiseStream Ⅱ
  • USB port
  • Dual SD card slot
  • Sound classification
  • Enhanced video analytics
  • Fog detection
  • PTZ hand-over
  • Highlight compensation (HLC)
  • High power IR LEDs (*Note: Not applicable to all models)

The Wisenet X series encompasses a versatile range of cameras suitable for various environments, including indoor dome, outdoor vandal dome, box, bullet, and stainless steel models.

With the potent Wisenet 5 chipset and Hanwha Vision's lens technology, the Wisenet X series excels in capturing clear, true-color images even in low-light conditions, eliminating the need for IR LEDs.

Improved Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) with a gyro sensor reduces motion blur caused by wind or vibrations, ensuring sharp and stable images.

Simplify camera angle and focus adjustments with the Wisenet Installation app on a mobile device, using a compatible USB adapter for added convenience.

Dual SD card slots support up to 512 GB of storage at the edge, preserving data in case of network instability.

The Wisenet X series redefines security technology, providing a robust and feature-rich solution for a wide array of surveillance needs.


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