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Protech supply, install and recommend Bosch Solution 6000-IP, a comprehensive security solution designed to meet the needs of commercial settings.

The Bosch Integrated Solution 6000-IP Security System offers commercial managers a versatile and reliable security solution with scalability, advanced features, and integration capabilities to enhance overall security and operational efficiency via this streamlined Access Control System.

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Bosch 6000-IP System Features:

Versatile Zone Expansion: Enjoy the flexibility of a system with 16 on-board zones, which can be expanded to support up to 144 wired or wireless zones. This allows you to tailor your security setup to your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your property.

Efficient Area Partitioning: The system supports partitioning into 8 distinct areas, offering the benefit of targeted security management. You can easily customize access and monitoring for different zones within your premises, enhancing security and control.

Diverse User Access: With the capacity to accommodate up to 990 users via PINs, tokens, key fobs, and fingerprints, you have the freedom to grant access to a wide range of authorized personnel. This feature simplifies user management and ensures efficient access control.

Integrated Access Control: Benefit from the integration of access control for up to 16 doors. This streamlines your security infrastructure by combining access management and intrusion detection, reducing complexity and enhancing overall security.

Enhanced User Convenience: Choose from a variety of access options, including smart card keypads, weather-proof external metal keypads, internal and external LAN readers, and fingerprint LAN readers. These choices cater to user preferences, ensuring ease of access for authorized individuals.

Flexible Output Control: With 5 on-board outputs that can be expanded to 37, you have the capability to control a wide range of security devices and systems. This adaptability allows you to integrate additional security features as needed, providing a comprehensive security solution.

Multiple Connectivity Options: Enjoy the benefits of diverse connectivity options, including GSM/GPRS and Ethernet. These options provide redundancy and ensure your security system remains connected, even in challenging network conditions.


User-Friendly Operation...

Site Manager software offers a streamlined solution for the daily management of your system. Designed with security managers in mind, it provides remote control capabilities for multiple panels across various locations through IP networks. This includes user list management, access control configuration, time zone settings, and comprehensive tracking of system and user activity.

Additionally, by connecting to the MyAlarm cloud security service, you gain access to the iFob Control app, compatible with both IOS and AndroidOS. This app enables you to monitor system status, remotely arm or disarm your system, and control doors and outputs. You can rely on timely notifications, including push alerts, voice messages, SMS, and email notifications, ensuring you never miss an important alarm event. Furthermore, the app keeps you informed about other user activities, such as your children arriving home or your staff securing the premises before leaving. It's a convenient tool to enhance your security management capabilities.


Integrated Access Control

Access Control isn't just for the big players anymore. Take the Solution 6000-IP, for instance – it's got Smart Card tech that ramps up your security game with access cards. These nifty readers come with entry/exit and lock control built right in, which means they're perfect for securing anything from your home's front door to medium-sized commercial setups.

And here's the cool part: you can set up to 16 time zones, each with up to 4 time slots. Why does this matter? Well, it lets you automate things like arming and disarming your security system at specific times, like when you're heading to work or locking down the lower level of your house at bedtime. You can also use it to control outputs, like having your gates close automatically at 7pm. But wait, there's more – you can program schedules to turn your garden lights and air conditioning systems on and off too. It's not just security; it's a complete access solution for your convenience.


This system seamlessly integrates access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and fire safety components into a unified platform, providing a comprehensive security solution for commercial properties.

Leveraging IP technology, the system offers high-quality, real-time video surveillance accessible remotely over the internet. Bosch 6000-IP offers centralised control, enabling businesses to manage and monitor all security aspects from a single interface, streamlining operations.

Bosch security systems come equipped with reporting capabilities to assist businesses in meeting regulatory standards and providing insights into security events and operations.

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